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We are only now estimating the damage that Cyclone Fani has done. Life is limping back to normal in the more urban parts of the state, but it is clear that there is much work to do. Electricity has recently been restored in the capital city of Bhuwaneshwar. Less central and urbanised parts of the state will face more challenges as people are out on the roads after having lost their homes and possessions.

Society for Children (SOCH) is a HelpYourNGO listed organization based in Orissa. They have rescued and resettled nearly 5,000 children so far.

SOCH Director Manoj Kumar conducted a field visit to Pipili Block, Puri District on May 11th. They have shared the following conclusions: 

  • No Electricity for another 1-2 months
  • No Classrooms for children for upcoming 4-6 months
  • Government alone cannot handle such a huge disaster with their limited human resources.
  • Children are Vulnerable to health issues, malnutrition, child trafficking, deprivation of education at this time

They have committed to distributing relief materials to those in need there. However, they need our support in buying basic groceries, sanitary napkins, matchboxes, chlorine tablets and the other items that become essential at a time like this.

They have shared the cost and quantity of the items below. Donations from this campaign will be given to the organisation to purchase and distribute these items to beneficiaries. They post regular updates of the work they have completed on their Facebook page.

S.No Details Quantity Unit Price Total
1. Mosquito Coils 500 Packet 30 15000
2. Candles 500 Packet 200 100000
3. Match Box 500 Piece 1 500
4. Glucose Biscuit 500 Packet 120 60000
5. Chuda (Rice/Flattened Rice) 500 Kg 40 20000
6. Sugar 50 Kg 50 2500
7. Khalipatra 50 Packet 70 3500
8. Water Bottle (20L) 500 Piece 170 85000
9. Chlorine Balls 500 Piece 10 5000
10. Sanitary Pads 500 Packet 30 15000
11. Muddi 250 Kg 50 12500

Any amount helps! Do contribute generously so that people can rebuild their lives.

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